Ways to bring your A game to the modern world

5 Ways to Bring Your A Game to the Modern World

5 Ways to Bring Your A Game to the Modern World

Since the onset of the digital age, today’s world is busier than ever. Exciting as that can be, it also comes with a few issues. Working hours seem to be getting longer, and so many people are buzzing from A to B that travel times become extensive. There are countless options for whiling away leisure hours, which often disappear in a haze of social activities and other commitments. 

Then there is the exponential growth of technology and all that comes with it… social media addiction, online shopping and gaming, for instance. When you consider all of the ways in which we can spend our precious time, the picture starts to become clear: whatever the details, you’ve got commitments, social activities and personal habits to uphold.

Without focus and organization, we can get lost in a juggling act… and A game soon fades on the horizon.

Check out these 5 top tips for bringing your A game back in the modern world:


hone your mental focus

Distraction, distraction… and more distraction. At times it seems like the whole world is vying for your attention. Your inbox fills up with enticing offers and discounts. Phone notifications ping off incessantly, dragging your attention to your device; caffeine cravings are calling once again, and that assignment or project is taking forever to complete. Sound familiar? Then here’s what to do:

Regular meditation 

Set an alert on your phone for once every couple of hours to stop and take some deep breathing. Presence (or mindfulness) meditation work wonders for clearing the mind and bringing you back into the here and now. The monkey mind calms as fresh oxygen hits the blood, giving you more mental energy for the tasks at hand.

Commit fully to each task

Whatever you’re engaged in, stay engaged. Consistent application to the task at hand can be surprisingly difficult, but put your phone on busy mode, close the door and (at the very least) decide on a time period in which you won’t allow your attention to be subverted. Before you know it, the task is done.


be disciplined in daily habits

The word discipline may conjure memories of foreboding parents, bosses, and generally other peoples’ agendas. However, personal disciplines can be even tougher to adhere to. Yet they are necessary A game factors, and they require self-honesty.

If you know you’re not a morning person, don’t kid yourself that staying up to finish that Netflix series is a smart move. It will still be there tomorrow. That last coffee before bed… the same applies… nobody needs a restless night’s sleep.

Are you a serial alarm snoozer? Then be realistic about when you really need to get up, set one alarm, and jump out of bed before the sleepy devil on your shoulder pipes up. On days when the prospect of your workout routine seems like a drag, quit the internal monologue and pull on those sneakers. You get the idea.

develop new skills and hobby's

When you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, you’re possibly not making the best of your time. Perhaps you need to make adjustments in certain areas to extend that time. Either way, it is vital to make sure you have time for yourself.

Perhaps you have a career ambition that is rapidly dwindling into pipe-dream status. Book yourself onto a course, get an organizer – even an app on your phone - and plot study time into it. Then see point 2 for upholding that plan.

Do you love yoga or football, but never seem to make it to a class or game? Commit to at least one session a week and feel the positive impact on your mood stability.

Aim to try your hand at something new at least twice a year. We humans thrive on (healthy) variety, and the only constant in life is change, as Heraclitus famously said. Embrace this in a strategic way and your A game will be back.


set intentions before bed every night

Never underestimate intention, the most powerful creative force in life. If you intend so, intention will be on your side! Since it goes hand in hand with imagination in order to become reality, a few simple visualization strategies go a long way.

This one works a treat: before you go to sleep every night, do a mental run-through of how you want your day to go tomorrow. For example, you might see yourself bouncing out of bed and hitting the park for a run.

Maybe you’ll see yourself making a healthy smoothie for breakfast, winning in a presentation, or something as simple as finishing the book you’ve been dipping into for the last year. Whatever floats your boat… but see and feel it happening ahead of time, and you might just be amazed at the results.


dedicate yourself to regular physical exercise

We all need to be physically active. It keeps us alive! Sedentary beings aren’t usually the happiest beings, so do yourself a favor and dedicate yourself to some degree of physical activity a few times a week. Even if it’s as simple as taking the stairs instead of the lift, or a brisk morning walk around the block, it works wonders for your A game.

Endorphins should not be underestimated! Those feel good hormones energize you, alleviate pain and make the world seem a little brighter. Likewise, going about life in a fit body never hurt anyone, and fitness is a major contributor to A game.

Implementing the above A game tips will surely have a positive impact on your mood, motivation, and consequently your life. Distraction, confusion and stress can be a thing of the past, and life’s challenges will be taken in your stride. Watch this space for more top tips and insights, as well as cool A game accessories such as active wear and confidence-boosting apparel!