Self improvement hacks you can implement today

5 Self Improvement Hacks You Can Start Implementing Today

5 Self Improvement Hacks You Can Start Implementing Today

Need some inspiration in your life? Are you looking to improve your daily routine, mindset, and body?

Self-improvement is something everyone constantly strives for but only some achieve. It is the backbone of your character and sets the tone for how you live your life from day to day.

Self-improvement doesn’t just happen overnight, though. It takes dedication and consistent practices and habits to improve. Now, that’s already stated in the word improvement, isn’t it? We don’t call it self-perfection for a reason.

Here are 5 ways you can start improving yourself today.


Get in tune with circadian rhythm

Circadian rhythms are an important part of your day, whether you are aware of it or not. These rhythms, or patterns, are usually associated with light and dark and other aspects of your environment.

Great ways to get in tune with this rhythm are to:

  • Wake up when the sun rises: You may not like this idea but waking up when the sun rises is a great way to get your circadian rhythm revving.
  • Get some sunshine on your face: The first part of your morning routine should include drawing back your curtain and soaking up the sunshine. It is the most effective way to wake your body and it can even improve your mood.
  • Go to bed the sun sets: In order to wake up early, you need to go to bed early. When your body senses darkness, your brain produces melatonin – the sleep hormone.


Organize your life

Do you ever feel stressed out when you are in your home? Well, your lack of organization may be to blame.

Organizing your home, office, and even your agenda book can diminish your stress levels, boost your confidence, and calm your brain. Take the time to minimize the clutter in your life. Here are some basic rules to abide by to keep you organized.

  • Utilize organizer bins: organizer bins are a good way to keep clutter at bay. Don’t use these to store your unwanted things, though. Use bins so that everything in your home has its own designated place.
  • Write to-do lists: Do you feel like your mind is cluttered? Write down everything you need to do throughout your day on a piece of paper and update the list when you finish a task.
  • Use the “touch it once” method: The method is simple. If you use an item, simply do so, and then immediately put it away or wash it.
Move your body

Frequent exercise is always a great way to improve yourself. The most successful people in the world exercise on a regular basis. They also contract fewer diseases and health troubles when they get older.

Remember that every act of movement counts towards a healthier lifestyle. Whether you work out every morning at the same time or walk in 10-minute intervals throughout the day, just showing up for yourself and making the decision to move your body will aid in self-discipline and make you a better person.

Exercise also improves your mood and overall health. It is best to try to get 10,000 steps a day. If you have a sedentary job, however, you may have to improvise. Get up and move every hour and make sure to get your workouts in at least 3 days a week. You will feel great and empowered by the end of the week.


How to set achievable personal goals

Setting personal goals is a must if you want to improve yourself. Goals challenge you to overcome obstacles and set new records. Achieving goals that you set for yourself can boost self-esteem and happiness, and of course, help you get things done. For more on goal-setting we recommend you read our Blog post, How to Stay Focused on Your Goals.

How to stay inspired
Staying inspired is key to improving yourself. If there is no inspiration source, then there is nothing to charge you up to achieve a better you.

Learning through others is a great way to stay inspired. Read books, listen to podcasts, follow inspiring influencers on social media. You can even glean inspiration from people around you. Remember that you are not alone in self-improvement. Everyone has their own journey and story to tell, and their story just might help you tell yours someday.