6 ways to polish your online presence

Keeping It Professional on Social Media: 6 Ways to Polish Your Online Presence

Keeping It Professional on Social Media: 6 Ways to Polish Your Online Presence

Are you looking for a new job? If so, do you have a professional social media presence that is potential-employer ready? If not, it may be time to look over all your accounts and make any necessary changes. 

Employers are increasingly scanning social media to see if prospective employees would be a good fit for the company. Unprofessional and inappropriate content on your social media accounts can hurt your reputation and cause you to miss out on great career opportunities. 

Here are six quick tips to help you curate an engaging, on-brand and professional social media presence.


limit the party pics

You were a party animal in college, and you have a collection of pics of yourself holding red solo cups to prove it. While there is nothing bad about displaying your fun side on social media, there is a right and a wrong way to express your inner wild self. Do show off late-night check-ins at art galleries, your dancing at rock concerts and fun impromptu gathering of friends. Avoid posting pics where you are drinking heavily or partaking in substances not legal in every state.

Think of your social media accounts as an extension of your resume. To cultivate a professional social media presence, you’ll need to show the side of yourself that you’re most proud of. 

watch you language

A whopping 68 percent of millennials admit to cursing while on the job, so you can imagine how many young professionals might freely curse on their social media platforms. 

Okay, so, you let out a few potent four-letter words on Twitter and Instagram occasionally, no big deal, right? Potential employers might think otherwise. Your social media may be viewed to get a better sense of your personality and behavior and using offensive language can be a deterrent for some. 

Does that mean you need to kick the cursing habit completely? It depends. Each field is different, and some are more conservative than others. Know your industry and tame your language as necessary. 

focus on the positive


A positive attitude is an excellent asset for any workplace, so why not show yours off on social media? 

Complaining on social media can make you come across as a negative person—and in return, negatively impact your reputation. So, it helps to make a mental shift to what is going well in your life and showcasing that instead.

Life has its fair share of hurdles and mishaps, but it’s best to keep the details of those events on a more private platform like a friends-only Facebook account. Instead, your public profiles should share the side of you that shines, and how you pursue your passions.

share what sparks joy

Are you an over-sharer? You know the type of person whose Facebook feed is filled with meme after meme. While it’s okay to share the occasional funny cat photo, you will get more out of your social media accounts if you are strategic about the content you share. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are all excellent platforms for sharing articles and resources related to your field.

tell your story

Everyone has a unique and interesting life story and sharing it in creative ways is a great way to set yourself apart from the rest. Maybe you spent your senior year studying abroad in Italy? Or perhaps you have an undying love for sea kayaking, oil painting, or preparing beautiful and healthy meals. Through images, videos and text, you can use your various platforms to tell the world who you are and what motivates you. 


decide on a message
If you’re looking to gear your social media platforms toward your brand and career, it’s a good idea to think of a message that you strongly believe in. It could be anything from free expression and creativity to making a positive impact on the environment. When you focus on a single message and share it consistently, you are more likely to attract people (be it potential employers, friends, or collaborators) with similar interests and passions. 

professional social media presence

When potential employers look through your social media platforms, they are looking to get a sense of what you are like and the sort of energy you’ll bring to the workplace.  Maintaining and curating a professional social media presence will keep you ahead of the game in the next steps of your career. To know 101 idea on mastering self challenge read our blog.


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