self-care for college students: 5 cheap and easy ways tips

Self-care for College Students: 6 Cheap and Easy Ways Tips

Self-care for College Students: 6 Cheap and Easy Ways Tips

College life is hectic. Between studying, social events and classes, self-care for college students can be quite a challenge. Not to forget to mention a tight budget and limited space of a dorm room. The restrictions of college life may make it feel like it’s hard to establish a self-care routine. But there are ways to practice self-care without luxurious bath bombs and the benefit of your own private room. It all comes down to taking time for yourself to reset and re-charge from the hustle and bustle of student life. 

Here are six dorm and budget-friendly ways to practice self-care.

organize and optimize your space

When life gets crazy, our rooms and personal space often suffer. You don’t want to be that roommate with piles of dirty clothes and textbooks strewn all over your bed, desk, and carpet. So, take the time to tidy-up regularly.

Cleaning can also reset your frame of mind. It’s an act of self-care to take care of your personal space and organize your things so they can be easily found. Place textbooks for your current classes on an easily accessible shelf, and store (or consider selling) those that you don’t use anymore. Rotate your closet to fit the current season and clean out the mini-fridge of any old and unwanted food. 

You can also kick it up a notch by practising mindfulness as you complete these sorts of chores. Instead of rushing through each task, take the time to consider what you are doing and how it can positively impact your life.  

eat healthy foods

Practising self-care can include eating healthy and nutritious foods. But maintaining a healthy diet can be expensive. A great way to eat healthy on a shoestring budget is by focusing on foods where you get the most bang for your buck. Foods like eggs, beans, brown rice, and bananas have significant health benefits and are inexpensive.  

If you don’t have access to a kitchen or regularly eat in a cafeteria, you can make an impact on your health by deciding to have a salad with every meal. Limit your consumption of simple carbohydrates and processed foods and opt for whole foods instead. Fruit and veggies are always an excellent choice.  

unplug and unwind

We all need an occasional break from screens and social media. If you can afford to do so, pull the cords on your devices for an entire day and take a technology detox. If you can’t do it for a whole day (because of school or work), try for just a few hours on the weekend.

Instead of scrolling on Instagram, head outside for some fresh air. Check out any free events that may be happening on campus or in the community. Or, participate in your favourite physical activity to get in a fun workout. 

try guided meditation

Have you ever tried meditation on your own, only to find how difficult it is to slow down your thoughts? Using an app like Headspace or videos on YouTube that guides you through the process can help you get into the act of meditation. But, don’t expect to achieve nirvana on day one. Even the most seasoned gurus struggle with steadying their breath and clearing their minds. Instead, allow your thoughts to present themselves and then focus on the process of letting them go.

laugh out loud

Did you know there are health benefits of laughter? Stress reduction, lowering blood pressure, and releasing endorphins are all great things that can happen when you literally laugh out loud. If you are looking for a quick self-care pick-me-up, turn to your favourite comedy films or hilarious YouTube videos for a crack-up session. Or better yet, go out for coffee with your funniest friend. 

schedule self care regularly

It’s hard to avoid the stress that comes with college, but you can find ways to manage it well. Establishing and regularly partaking in a self-care routine is a great way to stay motivated, well-energized, and healthy inside and out.  

Don’t overlook the importance of taking care of yourself and make sure to schedule time and space for your self-care routine regularly, just like you would schedule a test or a term paper. Even only five minutes of laughter or meditation can make a positive impact on your overall wellbeing. Don’t wait until the stress hits, and your brain goes on the fritz, pencil in an hour for self-care today. 

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