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Ways to organize your thoughts effectively

4 Ways to Organize Your Thoughts Effectively

If you’re a human being, we would wager that you’ve been a victim of the phenomenon known as ‘the monkey mind’. This doesn’t mean you think on a par with...

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is the negative side of social media affecting your wellbeing

Is the Negative Side of Social Media Affecting Your Wellbeing?

Social media seems to have covertly slipped through the net to become what seems like an integral part of modern life. There are plenty of reasons why we...

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Dealing with information overload

5 Ways to Deal with Information Overload

In the digital era, it can feel like the world is going mad… and that you’re following suit. Never were our attention spans so fragmented than they are...

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when good becomes not good enough

When Good Becomes Not Good Enough

There are times when most aspects of life seem to be flowing so well, you feel on top of your game, and content with where you are at,...

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Sustaining the better version of you | XOHDNAIR Blog

Sustaining the Better Version of You

Once you’ve put the work into improving yourself, be sure to put the work into staying the person you want to be. Here’s how to sustain the better...

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The better version of you

Ready for the Better Version of You?

Do you feel that you are the best version of you that you can be? If not, here’s how to become that person and stay there - until...
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