sustaining the better version of you
when more is less and less is more

When More is Less and Less is More

Sometimes more is less and less is more, but implementing this concept doesn’t always come so easy. So when is more actually less, and less is actually...
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self-care for college students: 5 cheap and easy ways tips

Self-care for College Students: 6 Cheap and Easy Ways Tips

College life can be tough. Manage stress by making yourself top priority through
establishing a self-care routine. Here are five tips that can help you.
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Discover the better version of you

Discovering the Better Version of You

Discovering the better version of you takes time, patience and honest self-reflection. We wrote about this in detail in our recent Tagged: better version, recognize your fears, social skills, XOH!DNAIR BLOGS

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The better version of you

The Better Version of You

There’s a lot of talks out there about becoming the best version of yourself. The idea is that there is a better version of...

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6 ways to polish your online presence

Keeping It Professional on Social Media: 6 Ways to Polish Your Online Presence

Are you looking for a new job? If so, do you have a professional social media presence that is potential-employer ready? If not, it may be time to look...

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