the state of fashion today

The State of Fashion Today - 5 Interesting Trends in 2019

The State of Fashion Today - 5 Interesting Trends in 2019

Want to know the latest fashion trends circulating the world of fashion today?

From footwear to wearable tech, we’ve compiled a list of 5 trends that you need to follow if you are truly a fashion geek. Read on and let your fashion taste buds get tantalized.

statement sneakers

From the most outrageous colors to chunky shapes, sneakers have come and gone on the fashion scene.

Now, they’re back and cooler than ever.

Statement sneakers are the number one choice of fashion statements in 2019. They are the epitome of loudness, charisma, and personality. Step into a sneaker store anywhere in the world, and you are guaranteed to find a pair that matches your personality.

The trend started with regular dads who just wanted to stay comfortable while doing yard work and shooting hoops with their kids. Now, these chunky but stable shoes hit a note with today’s celebrities.

People like standup comedian and sneaker collector Jerry Seinfeld, who donned chunky sneakers on his hit show, Seinfeld, still buys sneakers today. He pairs them with his business casual look as he roams the streets of New York. Even family dynasties, like the Kardashian family, don’t shy away from “ugly dad shoes” either.

mom jeans

Mom jeans aren’t just for moms any more.

These high waisted, baggy style jeans are catching the attention of women of all ages today. From cropped looks to grungy ripped looks, these jeans have withstood the test of time.

The trend started in the 1980s when people would wear their high waisted jeans with their crop top blouses (which ironically still happens today). 

Compared to the contrasting skinny jean style, mom jeans are more relaxed and loose-fitting – from top to bottom. The iconic look whispers, “I just want to chill on a couch in a coffee shop,” and “I just want to pose for a picture in a field of sunflowers.”

Those classified as Millennials and Generation Z have taken a fancy to these jeans. Mom jeans may have a chance of sticking around for another 30 years, or forever, we hope.

air pods


Oh yes, that’s right. AirPods. The same AirPods that served as the butt of jokes and memes punchlines have made it into fashion today. They are changing technology trends as we know them.

AirPods are wireless earbuds that allow people to listen to audio without plugging up to an ancient auxiliary port. They look identical to earbuds, but without the wires.

The question that still hangs in the air is, “Are AirPods actually considered fashionable?” Some people think that these wireless earpieces are beginning to make their way into the fashion scene but aren’t quite there yet.

The thing that people like about AirPods is that they stand out. After all, isn’t that the point of fashion, to get noticed and entice other people to join the trend? We think so.

wrap coats

When you think of wrap coats, what is the first image that pops into your head?

Perhaps it’s Audrey Hepburn getting drenched in the rain in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or maybe it’s Meghan Markle standing on the streets of London with hat and every strand of hair in place.

Whatever your image is, there is no doubt that wrap coats – were in, are in, and will be in – fashion.

These coats are the most versatile coast you could buy. Pair it with an evening gown and high heels for a fancy night out, or simply walk around your city’s downtown in jeans and sneakers with a coat in tote. You can tie it up, button it down, or leave it open for a relaxed look.

You can wear this chic jacket in just about any season, excepting summer. Keep the rain out in the spring, crunchy leaves under your feet in it during the fall, or pair it with a scarf and wool hat in the winter.

The wrap coat can flatter any body type and complements most outfits. So, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself that Breakfast at Tiffany’s kiss in the rain while looking adorable in your coat.

animal prints

The 1980s called… again. It wants you to keep its leopard print fabric in style.

Animal printhave ebbed and flowed in the fashion world, but it returns in 2019 bolder than ever.

From handbags to bodycon dresses, animal print continues to cover the bodies of fashion icons and lovers all around the world. Decorate your body in leopard, cheetah, snake, and even giraffe print (not skin, mind you) from top to bottom. Designers are always coming out with shoes and handbags to indulge your animal print taste buds.

If you aren’t sure about animal print yet, try it out! Be bold in your fashion choices and you may discover that animal print is your new favorite print. Madonna will be thrilled.

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