Ladies' Be.You.Tiful Raceback Tank Top

Ladies' LUV Wot U See Ringer T-Shirt

Type: T-Shirt

Everyone has one shirt they’d wear every day if they could, and the LUV WOT U SEE Ladies’ Ringer T-Shirt could easily be the one! Its simple design provides comfort while maintaining your individual style.

The black ringer detail around the collar and sleeves match perfectly with the high quality, uplifting graphics emblazoned on the front. Even better, the versatile colors are sure to pair perfectly with everything in your wardrobe. Whether you’re hanging out with friends or enjoying a day of Netflix and chill, this shirt won’t disappoint.

So put your self-love and confidence out there with this T-shirt, and let the world know what you’re all about!

Fabric: Super Soft 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester  (4oz)

Please check your measurements and refer to our size guide below before placing your order to ensure your preferred fit.

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